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As a young child growing up in post-colonial Singapore, Karen attended the oldest all-girls Christian school in Southeast Asia and had wanted to become a missionary.  The school was founded by a Church of England missionary who was rescuing girls from being sold into slavery.  It is no surprise then that the impressionable young student grew up wanting to help people and became a consumer bankruptcy attorney in America.

Karen’s marriage to her now retired US Army officer husband is what brought her to the US.  After working for several years as a journalist and public relations specialist, law school was a natural progression toward challenging herself while helping others.  She has called WM Law home for the past 10+ years and is incredibly gratified that she gets to help people in financial distress and offer them much needed relief afforded by the law.

With the recent addition of the estate planning practice to WM Law, Karen hopes to have many more opportunities to help earnest and hardworking people attain their financial goals and ensure their wishes are followed even after they are gone.  The best part of Karen’s day is knowing that her efforts really can make a huge difference in a client’s life.  Not to suggest that the law is unequal or capricious but an attorney’s diligence and advocacy can bring about better outcomes for the client than an attorney who works in a perfunctory manner.

One of Karen’s favorite guiding principles in life is the Golden Rule as it is simple and universally understandable.  She considers being a lawyer a privilege and does not take lightly the responsibility to help her fellow struggler.  While not at work, Karen is at home in Kansas City with her husband and daughter.  They enjoying running and biking the green space trails in Platte County and are big foodies.

Karen Maxcy is… Here to help.