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When W M Law’s president, Jeff Wagoner, was 13 his family lost  their family farm. While his childhood included financial hardship, the community rallied around them to help his family cope. This experience inspired him to become a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer.

From the day our bankruptcy law firm was founded, our emphasis has always been on helping people in Kansas City use bankruptcy the way it was intended – to help give people a fresh start.

W M Law has been serving Kansas City for over 20 years and has four offices around Kansas City that are ready to provide you with caring service and support in your time of need.

You Are Not Alone

Did you know there are over 750,000 personal bankruptcy filings every year?

Everyone goes through some type of financial struggle over the course of a lifetime. In fact, just about every successful entrepreneur on the planet failed multiple times before finding success and coming back stronger. If Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln and even financial guru Dave Ramsey can use bankruptcy as a way to get their lives back on track, you can too.

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Knowing your legal options and taking action to solve your financial problems will bring you peace of mind instead of endless worry and anxiety.

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We've Helped Over 15,000 People

Listen to what our clients are saying.

“What a great group of people. I’ll never forget what they did for me and the help they gave me. Thank you all for helping me get my life back on track.”


“They have a system, which means they are experienced. Trust the system, do what they ask when they ask. Then sit back and let them do the work.”


“Ran into a tough spot with finances a couple of times throughout the past couple of years and W M Law has been so great to work with. They comfort you every step of the way to ensure they are looking out for your best interest. They are always willing to talk and do not get frustrated if you have questions. Shannon is awesome and has reassured me time and time again that no matter what, they have my back.”


“W M Law is extremely professional and has a caring, genuine staff. I give them a 10/10, would recommend them!”


“Jeff and his staff have helped me when no other attorney would. Not a standard issue but an issue needing his help with. Having my accounts frozen, cheated out of pay, then evicted. Having moved on, and with a good paying stable job, he took my case and he and his staff worked with me, found ways around what other attorneys would not. This law firm does what they say, and help, those who need it.”


Time is of the

Don't wait. Get the Help You Need Now.

Our firm has filed more than 15,000 bankruptcy cases in Kansas and Missouri, and we’ve recently been voted #1 among all Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers.

That unmatched experience means we can handle even the toughest of cases. No matter what kind of trouble you may find yourself in, or how aggressive your creditors are, or how unique your case may be, we can handle it. We are… Here to Help.We realize you’d really rather not file bankruptcy. We will help you make an informed decision as to whether you may truly benefit from filing bankruptcy.

Your initial consultation with one of our attorneys is free and confidential. Please remember that you file bankruptcy in order to make things better, not worse. The bankruptcy system exists for a reason—it’s a lot like a pressure-relief valve for our society. If you need the bankruptcy system’s help, then use it. If you really don’t need a bankruptcy, then we’ll let you know that during your free consultation with one of our attorneys. We’ve provided quite a bit of information here on our website to help answer your Frequently Asked Questions about bankruptcy. 

The sooner you file, the better

So please call right now for your free—no obligation—consultation with a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney who will confidentially, thoroughly and professionally assess your situation.

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