March 2016

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  • Making Pennies Stretch

    Typically, in the winter, my husband has down time with his job during which his hours are cut or when he is laid off for a period of time. I have to budget accordingly so we can pay our bills. This past year, in addition to his working fewer hours, we also had a baby […]

  • Tree Falling in a Forest – Relating to Bankruptcy

    If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there, does it make a noise? I have two sets of musings to talk about in this blog edition. Two issues that I think about in my line of work fairly frequently. The first is my philosophy when it comes to serving my clients. […]

  • What does “Unsecured” and “Secured” Debt Mean?

    What the heck is a secured creditor? The whole point of bankruptcy is to let people in financial distress find relief from that distress. It is a place that can offer hope for people who would otherwise be in a hopeless situation because of their finances. In bankruptcy some of the debts survive untouched, some can […]

  • Divorce and Bankruptcy

    It’s no surprise that financial problems can lead to stress in a marriage. But what happens when that marital strife leads to divorce, and the financial problems lead to bankruptcy? Bankruptcy and divorce laws overlap because both involve decisions about property and debts. How and when you file for bankruptcy or divorce can result in […]