The IRS “Math Error” Letters

The IRS is Finally Catching Up After shutting down for over a year, the IRS

The Foreclosure and Eviction Moratoriums Are Over. Now What?

With the foreclosure and evictions moratoriums over, housing situation could change for many people. The

Kansas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases May Change Soon

Kansas and Missouri are two very different states, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that

My Small Business Failed, and I Feel Like a Failure

We work with many people in the Kansas City area after they have decided to

What Can I Do If Evictions and Foreclosures Resume in Kansas?

Federal Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosure & Evictions When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US last

What Happens When My Mortgage Forbearance Ends?

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many mortgage companies began offering a forbearance on

Help! I’m in a Chapter 13 and My Vehicle Just Died

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan whereby the debtor is repaying certain debts.

Chapter 13 Plan Payments

One form of bankruptcy is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  This type of bankruptcy case is

With WM Law, You Can File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with No Attorney’s Fees Down

One of the major differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies is the method

What Do I Need to Do for My Initial Consultation With W M Law?

The good news is that we make the initial meeting easy.  We don’t ask anyone

IRS Backlog

Many people use their annual tax refund as a type of forced savings each year. 

I Want to Shut Down a Business And Open Up a New One – But How?

In Kansas and Missouri it’s fairly simple to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or

Should I consider a debt settlement instead of bankruptcy?

For many people bankruptcy is often the best option, but If you are not a

How Friendly Creditors Can Make Money in Bankruptcy

Tina and Tony are a married couple who are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  They

Third Round of Stimulus Checks Not Protected from Garnishment

Today, I read an interesting article regarding the third round of stimulus checks that are

Bankruptcy Eligibility Tool

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