Why You Need a Well-Trained Attorney to Help You File for Bankruptcy

As I sat and waited for our client’s Section 341 Meeting of Creditors to be

What if My Vehicle Isn’t Titled in My Name and I Want to File Bankruptcy?

When someone files for personal bankruptcy, he/she is required to disclose all assets, regardless of

Beware the Mortgage Forbearance

A trend has developed recently in which mortgage lenders offer a forbearance to it’s borrows

What is an adversary proceeding?

When debtors file for bankruptcy protection, most lawsuits and collection actions filed against the debtor

What happens if I file for bankruptcy and move out of state?

At WM Law, we file bankruptcies for residents of Kansas and Western Missouri.  However, we

What will my credit report and credit score look like after filing for bankruptcy?

We understand the importance of a good credit score.  Without good credit, you will pay

Can I Put Money in Retirement Savings if I Plan to File Bankruptcy?

Many people worry about how their retirement savings will be affected by bankruptcy.  There are

Repossession Laws in Kansas and Missouri

Many people seek advice when they are threatened with repossession of their property.  Repossession is

Did you know that credit card debts can be erased when you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy?  

Filing bankruptcy can help you get rid of credit card debt. Depending on which chapter

Don't Repay Friends and Family Before Filing a Bankruptcy!

When we file bankruptcy schedules for our clients, we are required to complete a Statement

Should I file bankruptcy right now or wait?

There are some strategic considerations to think about when determining whether to file a bankruptcy

Unemployment During COVID 19

The recent CARES Act passed by Congress and signed by President Trump on March 27,

The Cost-Benefit Analysis in Filing for Bankruptcy

Quick pop quiz:  Have you ever been told there is a minimum amount of debt

How the CARES Act Affects Bankruptcy

As most people know, the CARES Act was passed in March of this year in

How can I file my tax returns for little or no expense?

Many people have already filed their tax returns this year, but there are still some