Credit Card Spending During the Holidays Before Filing Bankruptcy

A common question asked during initial consultations is “I know I have to file bankruptcy,

“Spendthrift Trusts”: How to protect wealth from your heirs’ creditors

Proper estate planning involves the protection and preservation of your legacy. Sometimes these goals require

Buy Now Pay Later Companies are Risky to Work With

Companies like Affirm, Klarna, and Afterpay are what are known as Buy Now Pay Later

Founder's Story

Hi, I’m Jeff Wagoner, and you’ve probably seen me in some of the other videos

Can I refinance my home loan during my Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

In an appreciating housing market, debtors in Chapter 13 bankruptcy sometimes want to know if

¿Puedo refinanciar mi préstamo hipotecario durante mi bancarrota del Capítulo 13?

En un mercado inmobiliario en apreciación, los deudores en bancarrota del Capítulo 13 a veces

Hispanic Heritage Month

Did you know that September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month? It’s unique

Why Do People File for Bankruptcy?

People file for bankruptcy for a lot of different reasons. I told someone the other

Can I Keep My Credit Cards after Filing for Bankruptcy

When we prepare bankruptcy paperwork, one of our duties is to make sure that ALL

Evite La Deuda Tributaria Y El Gravamen Fiscal

Una de las razones para hacer los impuestos a tiempo, incluso si no puede pagar

Avoiding Tax Debt & Liens

One of the reasons to file taxes on time, even if you cannot pay the

What is an Adversary Proceeding in Bankruptcy?

When a debtor files for bankruptcy he/she must list all creditors (i.e., the entities to

Debt Consolidation: Savior or Scam?

In 2021, U.S. consumer debt rose to almost $16 trillion. With so many Americans struggling

Contrate a un abogado para que le explique la información legal de manera clara y sencilla

No soy médico, por lo que no espero entender la terminología médica ni leer un

Hire a Lawyer to Explain Legal Information to You Clearly and Simply

I am not a doctor, so I don’t expect to understand medical terminology or read

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