Prestamos de Automovil y la Bancarrota

En casi todos los caso de Capítulo 7, nuestros clients tienen uno o dos préstamos

Automobile Loans and Bankruptcy

In nearly all Chapter 7 cases, our clients have one or more automobile loans.  In

Que Pronto Puedo Registrar una Bancarrota después de Haber Declarado Una Ya?

Llevo ejerciendo como abogado de bancarrotas casi 11 años.  Algunos de ustedes puede que piensen

How Soon Can I Refile After a Bankruptcy Filing?

I’ve been a bankruptcy lawyer just one month shy of 11 years.  Some of you

Inconveniencias de Ser Co-propietario de Propiedades

En mi experiencia, muchas personas encuentran inconveniencias en ser co-propietarios de propiedades.  A menudo los

Drawbacks of co-owned property

It has been my experience that many people find it convenient to have co-owned property. 

Life After Bankruptcy

Now that your bankruptcy has been completed and discharged, it’s a great time to take

Why the "rich" can't understand why the "poor" have to file for bankruptcy

I stumbled upon an old clip on Facebook yesterday of Jay Leno interviewing the comedian

Bank accounts when filing bankruptcy

If you are preparing to file a bankruptcy case, you will find us reminding you

Purchasing a car during/after bankruptcy

Often times, our clients are very concerned about how bankruptcy will affect their ability to

Chapter 13 versus Chapter 7

Chapter 13 versus Chapter 7 by Adam Fara I am often asked, "Which is better,

Kansas protects your home from creditors - in some cases Missouri does too!

Kansas lets you protect your home from creditors, but in some cases Missouri does too!

Needy or Undeserving?

Helping the needy, even when they are “undeserving” By Karen Maxcy Do we help the

Bankruptcy Law and Customer Service

Customer service. Nowadays, people might wonder what that is. It seems everywhere you go, computers

Payday Loans: A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes, when it rains it pours. Sometimes, car repairs, family emergencies, and a new water