Chapter 13 versus Chapter 7

Chapter 13 versus Chapter 7 by Adam Fara I am often asked, "Which is better,

Kansas protects your home from creditors - in some cases Missouri does too!

Kansas lets you protect your home from creditors, but in some cases Missouri does too!

Needy or Undeserving?

Helping the needy, even when they are “undeserving” By Karen Maxcy Do we help the

Bankruptcy Law and Customer Service

Customer service. Nowadays, people might wonder what that is. It seems everywhere you go, computers

Payday Loans: A Cautionary Tale

Sometimes, when it rains it pours. Sometimes, car repairs, family emergencies, and a new water

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

I recently passed my decade mark of being a bankruptcy lawyer. There are many things

Why Should You Hope that the Number of Bankruptcies Increase?

The end of the year 2015 showed the number of bankruptcies filed in the United

Lawsuits, judgments and judgment liens

There's a knock on the door. You open the door to find a person there

Making Pennies Stretch

Typically, in the winter, my husband has down time with his job during which his

What does "Unsecured" and "Secured" Debt Mean?

What the heck is a secured creditor? The whole point of bankruptcy is to let people

Getting Rid of Second Mortgages in Bankruptcy

Getting Rid of Second Mortgages in Bankruptcy:  Let's say you have a house with a

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Filing Bankruptcy by Karen Maxcy

I miss David Letterman.  Did you catch his awesome last episode two months ago?  I

Surrendering Your House In Bankruptcy

No one desires to lose a home because of financial setbacks, but many factors including

Making The Decision To File Bankruptcy

My name is Jeff Wagoner, and I am the founder and owner of W M

We're Here For Bankruptcy Help!

Are you hibernating even though it's nearly summer? Many clients I've seen in recent months