Changes in the BK Legislation Regarding Debt Limits

Back in April of this year, the US Senate passed a bill that would have

Have a Lawyer Review Your Plan, Save You Money Later

As lawyers, we are used to dealing with complicated situations as things go bad financially

Why We Need to Know About All Creditors

One of the wonderful things about bankruptcy is the Automatic Stay, the protection from creditor

¿Qué sucede con mi préstamo de vehículo si se desestima mi Capítulo 13?

Préstamos para vehículos en el capítulo de bancarrota Cuando un deudor se declara en bancarrota

What Happens To My Vehicle Loan If My Chapter 13 Is Dismissed

Vehicle Loans in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy When a debtor files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy his/her

How and Why to Disclaim an Inheritance

The choice of whether to inherit property is not always as clear as it may

¿Se puede denegar o revocar mi descarga de bancarrota?

Cada año, hay miles y miles de declaraciones de bancarrota. En casi todos los casos,

Can My Bankruptcy Discharge Be Denied or Revoked?

Every year, there are thousands and thousands of bankruptcy filings.  In nearly every case, the

Valuing Assets in Bankruptcy

As part of the preparation of bankruptcy schedules, we need to value all property owned

Staying Current on Certain Obligations After Filing Chapter 13

When someone files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy there are some debts that he/she might propose

Filing Bankruptcy from your Home

In this day of advanced telecommunications, it’s possible to file bankruptcy and complete the process

How WM Law Can Help Creditors in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We have experience filing Chapter 11 and 12 bankruptcy cases for small farm and small

Watch Out for Social Media Accounts in Bankruptcy

When someone files for bankruptcy there is a trustee assigned to the case.  The trustee

Major Changes Coming to Bankruptcy Meetings of Creditors

After we file bankruptcy petitions for our clients, the next step is the 341 Meeting

Objections in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What happens when there is an objection to my proposed payment plan in Chapter 13?

Bankruptcy Eligibility Tool

Are you 1 or more payments behind on any of these debts?(Required)

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