¿Puede una bancarrota del Capítulo 12 ayudarme a salvar mi granja?

¡La respuesta puede ser sí! La agricultura es una profesión muy desafiante. Incluso los agricultores

When Would You NOT Receive a Discharge in Bankruptcy?

When Would You NOT Receive a Discharge in Bankruptcy? The answer to that question depends

What Will Happen To The Rental House I Own In Bankruptcy?

It is relatively common for our clients to own a rental house that they rent

Can you go to jail for not paying your debts?

Can you go to jail for not paying your debts?  The real answer is no. 

Protect your Tax Refund!

An H&R Block advertisement was broadcast the other day that I thought was fantastic.  They

Can Just One Spouse File for Bankruptcy?

I often meet with married couples and I’m often asked, “Are we both required to

Can you live like a Billionaire?

Dave Ramsey, a financial guru, says there are two kinds of people who buy brand

Bankruptcy and Tax Refund

It's that time of year again when filing taxes is on everybody's mind.  While filing

Hold Your Head Up and Look at Bankruptcy

No person really wants to file bankruptcy.  Many people who really need to file bankruptcy

What Happens After a Bankruptcy Discharge?

I just got my Bankruptcy Discharge! Congratulations, you made it through your bankruptcy and received

Divorce and Bankruptcy Statistics

People often ask me a version of the following question:  “Where do your clients come

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy.  Often times debt problems are part

Holiday Spending and Bankruptcy

The busiest time for consumer bankruptcy filings is in March of every year.  At least

Can I Convert My Chapter 13 to Chapter 7?

We have many clients in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and every so often one of those

What is a Preference?

When people begin to have financial trouble, one place they often turn to for help