What Happens If My Spouse or I Die During My Bankruptcy

What happens when someone dies during bankruptcy? When a debtor dies during his/her bankruptcy there

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

Very often, the negative aspects of filing bankruptcy are pointed out. However, there are few

What’s More Scary Than Halloween? Losing your job or your home or your spouse.

It’s Halloween time, so we’ll all be watching scary movies and dressing up in scary

Beware of Income Taxes on Unemployment Benefits for Tax Year 2021

Income Taxes on Unemployment Benefits for the tax year 2021 as of to date will

What is a Cross-Collateralized Loan?

A cross-collateralized loan is a loan in which the collateral has already been pledged as

Cuando planeo presentar una bancarrota del Capítulo 11 para mi negocio. ¿Qué debo preparar antes de presentar la solicitud?

Cuando planea presentar una bancarrota del Capítulo 11 para un negocio, muchas personas se preguntan

When planning to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for my business. What do I need to prepare before filing?

When planning to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a business, many people wondered what

The IRS “Math Error” Letters

The IRS is Finally Catching Up After shutting down for over a year, the IRS

The Foreclosure and Eviction Moratoriums Are Over. Now What?

With the foreclosure and evictions moratoriums over, housing situation could change for many people. The

Kansas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cases May Change Soon

Kansas and Missouri are two very different states, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that

My Small Business Failed, and I Feel Like a Failure

We work with many people in the Kansas City area after they have decided to

What Can I Do If Evictions and Foreclosures Resume in Kansas?

Federal Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosure & Evictions When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US last

What Happens When My Mortgage Forbearance Ends?

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many mortgage companies began offering a forbearance on

Help! I’m in a Chapter 13 and My Vehicle Just Died

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan whereby the debtor is repaying certain debts.

Chapter 13 Plan Payments

One form of bankruptcy is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  This type of bankruptcy case is

Bankruptcy Eligibility Tool

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