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There are times when it’s necessary to delay a bankruptcy filing. Sometimes we wait until our clients receive and spend down tax returns. Sometimes we are waiting on credit counseling to be completed, tax returns to be filed, or waiting out a time frame that could eliminate a potential claim a trustee could bring. These are all good reasons to press pause.

But most often, our clients need relief and they need it quickly. Not only is the stress of debt very challenging to live with, but it can also lead to breakups and divorces, health issues, and show itself in psychological and physical ways. Many of our clients experience a sense of relief, like a weight lifted from their shoulders, once they meet with our attorneys and we explain the process to achieve the needed fresh financial start.

From our end, the delay often costs money, which is why we try to work effectively and resolve issues promptly.  The sooner a Chapter 13 plan (not to mention a more complicated Chapter 11 or 12 reorganization plan!) is confirmed or a Chapter 7 discharged, the sooner our clients can begin the next stage on the road to achieving that fresh start.

Bankruptcy is a stressful process, but we have navigated thousands successfully through bankruptcy and we’ll continue to do so. And we’ll move as quickly as we can while avoiding unnecessary mistakes because a quick, well-prepared bankruptcy will provide financial relief, eliminate some stress, and let our clients move forward.

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