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I am not a doctor, so I don’t expect to understand medical terminology or read a chart or x-ray. If I needed to understand this information, I would ask my doctor or medical team to explain it to me in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn’t attended medical school.

So when we receive legal information – a motion, a notice, some other pleading – it becomes our job to explain this information to our clients (or, sometimes, third parties) in a way that makes sense to someone who hasn’t attended law school.

Recently one of our clients filed for bankruptcy and the appointed trustee decided not to take some property and sell it to pay creditors. The trustee had to file paperwork to explain this to the creditors, and our client received a copy. It was then our job as her lawyers to explain why the trustee took this step and why it was very good news for our client.

Our clients are smart and well aware of their financial circumstances. But they don’t “speak lawyer” and need someone to take their set of facts and convey these facts to a court. That’s what we do when we file bankruptcy schedules, file and respond to motions, and take other steps to help our clients. And most importantly, we let our clients know what is going on with their cases in a way that makes sense.

Hire a Lawyer to Explain Legal Information to You

Bankruptcy and other legal matters rely on legal terms of art and lingo that laypeople aren’t familiar with. When we talk with fellow lawyers, we can use this legal language, but when it comes to clients, as well as their friends, family, employers, or anyone else we need to speak with, it’s important to turn to a firm that can explain things in precise but easy to understand language. We’re happy to do this as part of our legal services.
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