Importance of offering legal services in Spanish  for non-US citizens

Bankruptcy and Financial Lawsuits Help For non-U.S. Citizens

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W M Law offers Spanish speaking bankruptcy services to our clients. We are proud to be one of the few bankruptcy law firms in the Kansas City area that offers this service in our Olathe office. We understand that sometimes, when English is not your native language and, you are worried about debt, it is important to be able to speak to a bankruptcy attorney and paralegals that speak your language. Someone that will be able to explain and advise to you in Spanish what are your options for debt relief and, stopping those harassing collection calls.

We are committed to offer you the best customer service and the best professional legal services in Spanish.  Our clients are our top priority.  We do realize that very often, when a person is drowning in debt, the stress is tremendous and we tend to think that we are in a situation that is uncontrollable.  We do not see a way out.  Having a language barrier, it makes it even more stressful.  The reality is that there are ways to solve a debt situation.  Most of the times, when we meet with someone during our free consultation and, explain the options, that person sees hope on a solution to the current debt situation.  We can see a bit of relief on their faces.

Something else to consider is that besides the language barrier, individuals that are not US citizens or residents may think that they cannot file a bankruptcy.  This is not the case.  People that are not U.S citizens and residents can file for bankruptcy and obtain Court protection during the bankruptcy process.  You do not need to be a U.S citizen.  All you need is a social security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number: ITIN.

For our Spanish speaking clients, we offer information about the process in Spanish.  You will be able to take home, this information in Spanish with you after our free initial consultation.
We also offer appointments in Spanish with a bankruptcy attorney on Saturdays in our Olathe office at 15095 W 116th  St, Olathe, Ks 66062. Saturday appointments are also available with a bankruptcy attorney in Independence and North of the River if you do not mind the appointment in English.

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