Making Online Payments Has Never Been Easier For Your Bankruptcy Case

Making Online Payments Has Never Been Easier For Your Bankruptcy Case

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Making Online Payments Has Never Been Easier For Your Bankruptcy Case

At any given time during a bankruptcy case, our clients will need to make online payments. Those payments could be for our attorney’s fees to start the case, or to a Chapter 13 trustee for plan payments.

While many people still prefer to give us payment in person, we have the means to make a payment online the same way that someone calling in or using a debit card in person would do. We use a program called LawPay and it lets us accept payments. This is particularly helpful for our clients who don’t want to or can’t come into one of our four conveniently located offices to make a payment. To make a payment for our attorney’s fees, you can go to

For Chapter 13 trustees, the trustee offices in both Kansas and Missouri offer online payment options.  For those who don’t make Chapter 13 plan payments by a payroll order, this is almost always more reliable than mailing in payment and having to wait for checks to clear.  If you need the directions to set those payments up, please contact us and we can provide the easy links.

Note – Although it’s not available yet, our understanding is that Chapter 12 clients who pay through a Trustee (such as those in Kansas) may soon be able to pay online as well.  That would be a tremendous benefit since many farmers and family fishermen make significant yearly or quarterly payments into a plan.

We respect the hard work of the US postal service, but we’ve found that during the holidays especially, mail takes longer to receive. That means a delay in your case and payments in limbo. We don’t want that. Plan on paying online and saving time if you can’t come in and see us. Thank you again for making your payments and happy holidays!

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