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My name is Jeff Wagoner, and I am the founder and owner of W M Law, P.C.  I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts and my philosophy about your decision to file bankruptcy :

We realize that this is about the last place you want to be.  It is an incredibly difficult thing to do to pick up the telephone and schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney.  First, I hope you remember that bankruptcy is not about your value as a person.  Bankruptcy is about the value of your property and the amount of your debts – and nothing more than that.  We’ve filed nearly 13,000 bankruptcies, and I can personally tell you that bankruptcy is simply a fact of life and it happens to intelligent, honest and hard-working people.

Second, bankruptcy is not an end:  it is an opportunity for a fresh start.  You’ve taken some hard knocks and learned some tough lessons.  It is now time to focus on making things better – and they will get better.  Giving you opportunities to succeed financially is the whole reason we have the bankruptcy system in the United States.  If you are financially successful, the entire economy wins.  For example, financial problems may keep you from owning your own home, and studies have shown that homeowners take better care of their property than renters, as well as vote more often and pay more taxes.  So, take advantage of the financial fresh start you are about to receive.  Keep your debts in perspective and focus on the positives in your life as you deal with your current financial situation.

There are several types of bankruptcies.  In most cases, you will be able to keep your car and home, if that is what you would like to do.  If you are ready to make an appointment to discuss your situation, we will be glad to talk to you at any of our three locations: Independence, North of the River and Olathe.  Just remember, bankruptcy is not an end is a new fresh start.

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