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W M Law is proud to have a staff of compassionate associates who understand that the bankruptcy process can be stressful. Using their considerable knowledge and expertise, our staff eliminates that stress for our clients. Please browse the profiles of these dedicated associates and know that we have your back. We are… Here to Help.

Meet Our Staff


Jeffrey L. Wagoner

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Jeffrey L. Wagoner
(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Jeff’s a car guy… which explains all those diecast models in his office. He’s also the founder of the Kansas City Automotive Museum. He led a group of volunteers who created a new non-profit museum for Kansas City in 2014.

But, if you ask Jeff what his favorite car is, he won’t mention exotic or expensive. Instead, he’ll say, “I would love to have the 1938 Ford coupe my dad drove as a professional dirt track racer in the 1950s. My grandfather’s garage sponsored dad’s race car. If I could track down that car, it would be a great connection to both of them. They’ve both been gone a long time.”

A retired Navy flyer, Gulf War veteran and former commanding officer, Jeff was awarded multiple medals and ribbons. While in the Navy, in San Diego, he met his beautiful wife, Pilar. “She was a student planning on going back to Spain after finishing her undergraduate degree,” Jeff told us, “but I talked her into coming with me back home to Kansas City.”

A tough childhood in Clinton, Missouri influenced Jeff’s decision to practice bankruptcy law. “When I was 13,” he told us, “my folks lost the family farm. Dad died in an accident a few months after the bank auctioned off the farm. We didn’t have any money―you measured how rich you were by whether there was milk in the fridge. It gave me an idea of how hard life can be and an appreciation of what many of our clients are facing when they come see us. I also thank God that I grew up in a small town where people cared about our family and helped us cope.”

With hard work, Jeff was able to go to college at Mizzou and law school at the University of Missouri―Kansas City. “My mom is an amazing person,” he said. “I don’t know how she made it through all that, but she did, and sent three of her four kids to college.”

His childhood experience is why he allows clients to pay for their bankruptcy fees over time. Jeff told us he catches a lot of grief from other bankruptcy attorneys because of that. “But sometimes,” he says, “people need someone to give them a break. They just need someone to believe in them and be on their side for a change. The funny thing is, I’ve found that when you do a good job for someone, and you really care about their well-being, they always seem to find a way to pay you. Until that changes, I’ll keep offering to let people pay over time, at a rate they feel they can truly afford. It’s the right thing to do.”

Jeffrey L. Wagoner is… Here to help.

Ryan Graham

Ryan is a Kansas City native and Oklahoma State Cowboy who loves hunting, chess, and world history. He believes strongly in the American entrepreneurial spirit, founding his own drone company to help pay this way through KU law school. Whether you have a small business, or simply need an understanding and conscientious bankruptcy attorney to help navigate through a difficult time, Ryan has the expertise to solve your problems. His favorite part of bankruptcy work is helping clients find hope amid a desperate situation through effective and thoughtful counsel. Ryan can be found in Overland Park with his friends, family, and his Golden Retriever Beau.

Ryan Graham is… Here to help.

Errin was raised on a small farm about an hour southeast of Kansas City. His philosophy has always been that when you help others the reward is often much more than the effort. During Errin’s career, he has helped hundreds of people obtain relief through personal bankruptcy. Most people don’t realize that bankruptcy is often the most affordable, least time consuming, and most effective way to deal with debts. Bankruptcy is one of the few areas of law where you actually get to witness how your work positively affects a client’s life. Errin loves what he does for a living.
Errin Stowell is… Here to help.

Ryan Blay was born in Michigan and will always proud to be a Wolverine.  Ryan earned his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law and has spent the last 11 years working for consumer and business bankruptcy firms in Illinois and
Wisconsin.  During his career, he’s helped thousands of consumers, small businesses and farmers obtain debt relief and has defended mortgage foreclosure actions in state courts.

Ryan believes in the excellence that comes from dedication to the craft of legal practice, from leadership, and from continuing education.  Ryan has authored articles and has spoken at state and local bar events on bankruptcy-related topics.  He also served on various State Bar committees in Wisconsin, and served as a board member, secretary, and president of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Ryan is currently working on re-certification as a specialist in consumer bankruptcy from the American Board of Certification and is looking forward to helping the good people of Kansas and western Missouri solve their financial problems.

In his spare time, Ryan can be found in Lawrence with his wife, Arpita, an associate professor at the University of Kansas, and their children, Priya and Felix.  Ryan tries to see as many movies as he can and explore the Kansas City area.  Ideas for activities are always welcome!  Ryan is… Here to help.

Chelsea S. Williamson attorney

Chelsea grew up in the Olathe area where she was known for having a big heart and a sharp mind. Her big heart was on display as a cheerleader for her Olathe South Falcons, and she still roots for her beloved Jayhawks as if her voice alone will carry them to victory.  Chelsea’s sharp mind served her well at KU and UMKC.  She takes meticulous notes, researches with the best, and devours information.  When she started her legal career, she was engaged by firms representing large corporate clients, but that big heart of hers was always with the underdog.  She changed gears and represents individuals with as much tenacity and speed of a falcon.  In her spare time, she accompanies her musician husband David to his gigs, and they play with their two enormous “lap dogs”, Ollie and Oden.  But Chelsea and David’s most joy comes from traveling to New Jersey to visit their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.  Chelsea… is here to help.


Pilar Perez-Wagoner

(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Pilar Perez-Wagoner joined the firm in August 2001 as a Translator/Finance Manager. Pilar is a native of Madrid, Spain, where she lived until the age of 18. She moved to San Diego, California in 1988 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of San Diego in 1992. She has worked in international business for companies in Kansas City such as Koch Supplies, Black & Veatch Engineering and Sealright/Huhtamaki Packaging, where she rose to the position of Credit Manager.

In her spare time, Pilar enjoys traveling to visit her family in Spain. She also loves spending her time with her three children, Alex, Max and Sofia and her husband, Jeff.

Pilar Perez-Wagoner is… Here to help.


Betsy Hayman

(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Betsy Hayman is… Here to help.

Doug Sisson kansas city


Doug Sisson

(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Born in Austin Texas, Doug relocated to Kansas City before he could walk.  Doug’s early life was spent almost exclusively outdoors fishing, hunting, and playing every sport you can think of.  Throughout high school and college Doug was a bit of a jock, but revealed his nerdy side when he became deeply involved in competitive debate and forensics.  “Debate was and is the most valuable activity any student can participate in.  Enabling a person to articulate and intelligently advocate for a cause really empowers them to critically think about the world around them.  Plus arguing with peers is much more fun than accounting or algebra.”  Doug continues to volunteer in many Kansas City and surrounding school district aiding in debate and forensics judging and youth coaching.

In his free time you will still find him outdoors working on cars, fishing, wake boarding, or playing adult-league soccer.  He is an avid fan of local Kansas City music and Sporting KC.  Doug is considering returning to school with hopes to one day be more involved in public education and development.

Doug Sisson is… Here to help.

Spanish Speaking Bankruptcy Paralegal

Ana Ballesteros

(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Ana is a 2016 graduate of the University of Kansas. She is one of W M Law’s Spanish Speaking Paralegals and also coordinates the Hispanic Advertising. Ana recently completed the law firm’s Hispanic Website, www.bancarrotakc.com. In her spare time, Ana enjoys watching and participating in a variety of sports.  Giving back to the community is important to Ana–while attending KU, she volunteered at The Willow Domestic Violence Center.


Victoria Whitaker

(816) 756-1144 or(913) 422-0909

Originally from a small town in northeast Missouri, Victoria, pursued her higher education at Columbia College. There she received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation she decided to move to the home of the Kansas City Chiefs and pursue a law degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. It is there that she is a 3rd year student and learning how to be an attorney that works primarily in estate planning.

In her free time, she likes to spend her time with her family, cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs, and try new places to eat or explore!

Victoria Whitaker is… Here to help.

Rosana Tavalin Legal Assistant



(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

 Rosana was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. She is currently attending Kansas City Kansas Community College and is working towards an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She plans to keep furthering her education afterwards. In addition to her legal assistant duties at W M Law, Rosana is one of the Spanish Speaking staff members.

Throughout high school, Rosana was involved in various activities from competing nationally for Business Professionals of America to volunteering at her local elementary schools. 

In her spare time, Rosana enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her dog, Tinker. 

Rosana Tavalin is… Here to help.


christy woodbury

(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Christy was raised in the small town of El Cajon near San Diego, California. Growing up, she loved that her family always spent time together doing outdoor activities such as going to the beach, fishing off the Oceanside pier, and camping in the nearby mountains. She also started playing youth soccer and softball where she learned the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Her hard work and dedication to soccer and softball continued through high school and eventually earned her athletic scholarships in college.

From a young age, Christy always believed she had a calling to serve her country and local communities. After being inspired by her favorite movie “Top Gun”, she enlisted in the US Navy and valued her career as an Aviation Ordnanceman. While stationed in Japan, she made the most of experiencing the Japanese culture and seized the opportunity to climb Mt. Fuji to see the sunrise from its summit.

Following the Navy, Christy continued her academic studies and received her Associate of Science degree in Paralegal Studies. She began working as a bankruptcy and estate planning paralegal as she continued her education. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Southern New Hampshire University, and began law school in 2018.

Christy recently relocated from California to complete her law school education at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law. She is looking forward to serving local communities, in Kansas and Missouri, as an advocate for those needing financial relief and a fresh start. In her spare time, she still enjoys playing adult-league soccer, fishing, camping, and spending quality time with her family.

Christy Woodbury is… Here to help.

ethan lett


Ethan Lett

(816) 756-1144 or(913) 422-0909

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Ethan has spent time in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia before coming to Kansas City. He attended Murray State University in western Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor of Science in History with a minor in Legal Studies. When he wasn’t hitting the books, he was actively involved in intramural sports and volunteering for the Amazing Day Foundation, Donate Life America, and the local environmental planner’s office. Outside of the office, you can find Ethan on the golf course, playing chess, exploring local historic sites, or intently focused on a Pittsburgh Steelers football game. Within the next few years, Ethan hopes to pursue his own law degree where he plans to study the legal aspects of business, land use, and sustainable community development.


Addam Fera

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Addam Fera
(816) 756-1144 or (913) 422-0909

Addam has always enjoyed a challenge. From the age of four, that challenge often took the form of playing sports, especially soccer. He has played soccer for over 30 years including in high school and college. He learned many life lessons from playing a team sport and being part of a team.

Those lessons carried over into his personal life where he is now a husband, father, and foster parent. As if being a parent isn’t enough, Addam and his wife are licensed foster care placement providers. Being a parent and foster parent brought with it a whole different set of challenges. Often the lessons learned from his soccer days help him, but sometimes new things are learned through trial and error.

Addam has taken the lessons learned from the different challenges in his life into his practice of law. He sees each and every client as a different challenge in determining what is best solution for that client. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and sometimes not, but the different challenges that come with each client are why Addam enjoys his work.

Addam Fera is… Here to help.

tiffiny sanchez


Tiffiny Sanchez

(816) 756-1144 or(913) 422-0909

Tiffiny was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up with three brothers and is happily married with two fur babies.

Prior to joining W M Law, Tiffiny obtained her cosmetology license as well as professional medical and bilingual legal interpreting certificates and is experienced at IT support as well. Tiffiny is utilizing her bilingual skills with W M Law’s Spanish speaking clients.

During her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with extended family, consisting of 12 nieces and nephews, and supporting my husband’s new startup HVAC company. Tiffiny also loves to binge watching favorite shows with her husband and pets.

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