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new year's resolution

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What’s our New Year’s Resolution? We are focusing on growing our firm so that we can serve our community even more. Our new year’s resolution is to continue to improve our client communications and work product and invest in our firm systems in 2023.

We were recently voted the Best Law Firm in Kansas City by Kansas City magazine, and we have many Google reviews to testify to our 5-star nature. We want to earn more positive reviews and get more referrals from happy referral sources and happy clients. Our goal is to keep providing state of the art service to our clients; the best professional legal and customer service. We care for our clients and we will continue to show our dedication. We will continue to effectively communicate with other parties too, such as opposing counsels, judges, court staff, trustees and creditors.

We are doing work that we wouldn’t have been able to handle 10 years ago – Chapter 12 farm reorganizations, Chapter 11 (and Subchapter V) individual and small business cases, state court receiverships in Missouri, estate planning and probate, some commercial landlord-tenant work, and so much more.

The best way we can continue to deliver high level, high value legal expertise is to have an outstanding staff and efficient systems. We already have a very talented and dedicated staff and group of attorneys. We are excited to get our new software! Our new software will allow us to offer even better service to our Kansas City community and surroundings.

On behalf of everyone at the firm, Happy Holidays. Remember, whether it’s 2022 or 2023, we are…..HERE TO HELP.

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Jeffrey L. Wagoner


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