Client Testimonials

W M Law has consistently received outstanding reviews from our clients. In total, we have received over 200 comments, reviews and testimonials. Just a few of our recent reviews are listed below.

Nov, 2019

“What a great group of people I’ll never forget what they did for me and the help they gave me. Thank you all for helping me get my life back on track.”

– R.S.


Nov, 2019

“They have a system, which means they are experienced. Trust the system, do what they ask when they ask. Then sit back and let them do the work.”

– T.M.


Oct, 2019

“Ran into a tough spot with finances a couple of times throughout the past couple of years and W M Law

has been so great to work with. they comfort you every step of the way to insure they are looking out for your best interest. They are always willing to talk and do not get frustrated if you have questions. Shannon is awesome and has reassured me time and time again no matter what they got my back.”



Sept, 2019

“W M Law is extremely professional and has a caring, genuine staff. I give them a 10/10 would recommend them!”



Aug, 2019

“Jeff and his staff have helped me when no other attorney would. Not a standard issue but an issue needing his help with. Having my accounts frozen, cheated out of pay, then evicted. Having moved on, and with a good paying stable job, he took my case and he and his staff worked with me, found ways around what other attorneys would not. This law firm does what they say, and help, those who need it.”



July, 2019

“My experience with W M Law has exceeded my expectations with any law firm. The attorneys were extremely patient, met us off normal hours to work around our schedule and were extremely honest and clear about what we truly needed versus what we thought we needed. They have saved me money and have never lead me in the wrong direction for the sake of profit. I have also been able to contact them with questions and they are fast and responsive with every call. I know that I can trust the lawyers at W M Law to advise me with accurate information and not take advantage of me. Thank you to the team at WM Law!”



June, 2019

“W M Law made filing for bankruptcy easy and painless. My attorney, Addam Fera, was immensely helpful and knowledgeable about every question and issue I brought up during the filing process. Grateful for his help! If you choose W M Law, you won’t be sorry.”




“Beyond Helpful Law Firm and Staff, they always answer emails, and call their clients back when there is an issue or a question. I know if I have any questions I can always reach someone. I will always recommend this Law Firm to anyone that needs Bankruptcy help.”


“They have helpers who speak Spanish, that was what I needed most. The service is great and I am very happy that if I need help understanding the legal terms, there is Ana to help me.”


“Best Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firm!”


“From the people in the front, all the way to the top, everyone is super helpful and friendly and gets the job done!”


“If you’re in a financial crisis and creditors are hounding you or maybe you haven’t filed taxes in a few years, quit having the fear of not knowing where to turn. W M Law are the professionals! They are the most courteous group of men and women you will find and you will be treated with respect and dignity and when you walk out of your first consultation you’ll know you’re troubles are soon behind you and a huge weight will be lifted.”