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The good news is that we make the initial meeting easy.  We don’t ask anyone to fill out a long questionnaire or bring in a lot of documents.  The basic details we’ll ask about will fit on a single sheet of paper and allow us to make a recommendation for how you should proceed.

You get to choose the method for your meeting – in-person, phone, or video.  I personally prefer to meet clients face to face because I want them to evaluate us and establish trust and have a productive discussion.

We take these first meetings seriously because not only do we want to prove that we’re able and willing to provide excellent, compassionate service, but we have to identify issues that could arise in a bankruptcy and address those before they become problems.  For instance, I recently spoke with a gentleman who was looking for a fresh start.  And while I recommended a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to accomplish his goals, we asked about repayments to relatives in the last year. Because he had made such a payment, I was able to recommend that he waits a year from the payment to file, which would prevent a bankruptcy trustee from suing his family to recover the money.  We ask these questions to ensure a bankruptcy won’t have any hiccups.

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All we ask is that you answer a few questions from us, share your situation and some facts, and we’ll make a recommendation and explain to you the process and costs.  At that point, you can decide if you want to accept our advice and proceed or try some other method.  We’ll hold our costs, our staff, and our attorney knowledge with any other firm in the Kansas/Western Missouri region.  Although our initial consultation requires us to provide you with valuable advice, we make it free because we are confident you’ll be satisfied with our work during your process, whether that’s a bankruptcy filing, negotiation with creditors, litigation, or other work.  We’re proud of the Google reviews we’ve received and work hard to earn those.

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If you have any financial concerns, take the time and take advantage of a free consultation.  Your financial well-being is worth it.  Give us a call or visit our website at www.kansascitybankruptcy.com to learn more about us and to set up that free appointment.

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